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The purpose of the Abbotsford Child & Youth Committee website is to provide an online resource of programs, services and supports including mental health and substance use resources for children, youth and families in Abbotsford. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive listing of programs available in the community from recreation and social programs to supports for challenging issues including meeting basic needs and mental health.

If you have a program available in Abbotsford that isn't listed here please fill out our online form. We will do our best to keep the information up-to-date but if a program's information has changed or is no longer available please let us know by sending us an email.

Latest News

Multiple Age Groups

Understanding Trauma and our Brain

Two trauma specialists from Abbotsford talk about what happens to your brain when you experience trauma and give practical steps to help heal. Read More...


The Teenage Brain

​Daniel Siegel debunks myths about the Teenage Brain and "raging hormones". He discusses the changes and remodelling of the brain within the adolescent period. He asserts that people need to learn about these changes to support and meet adolescents with empathy and compassion.​ Read More...